Ruko f11 drone review

Drones have become an increasingly popular technology in recent years, revolutionizing various industries and capturing the imagination of people worldwide. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have opened up new possibilities for aerial photography, videography, surveillance, and even recreational activities. Among the many drones available in the market, one that stands out is the Ruko F11 drone.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the exceptional features and my personal experience with this remarkable drone, which has accompanied me for the past two years. Now, let’s dive into the details of the Roku F11 drone. This particular drone has earned a reputation for its excellent performance and reliability. The Ruko F11 drone is Equipped with many advanced features.

Ruko F11 Drones with Camera


Flight time: 60 min | Video Capture Resolution: 4k | Item Weight: 1.15 pounds | Batteries: 2 lithium ion battries | Battery capacity: 2500 Milliamp Hours

As a drone enthusiast and photographer, I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Ruko F11 drone with camera 4K for adults, and I must say that it exceeded all my expectations. This impressive quadcopter is a game changer in the world of aerial photography, offering an impressive set of features that set it apart from the competition.

Flight Time:

First and foremost, the flight time of the Ruko F11 drone is simply fantastic. With an impressive 60 minutes of continuous flight time, I was able to capture breathtaking footage without worrying about running out of battery. This extended flight time is a huge advantage, especially when shooting in remote locations or during long outdoor adventures.

4k Camera:

The Ruko F11’s 4K camera is truly remarkable. Image and video quality is top-notch, delivering vivid colors, sharp details and incredible clarity. I was able to capture amazing aerial shots, from sweeping scenes to dynamic action sequences, with exceptional accuracy. The FPV feature allowed me to experience the thrill of flight in real time, further enhancing my overall shooting experience.


The Ruko F11 drone comes with a reliable and long-lasting battery that ensures long flight time. With an impressive battery life of up to 60 minutes, you can enjoy uninterrupted aerial exploration and capture stunning footage without the need for frequent battery changes. Ruko F11’s intelligent battery system maximizes your flight experience, allowing you to focus on taking perfect shots and immersing yourself in the thrill of flight. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a drone enthusiast, the Ruko F11 drone’s reliable battery provides the power and longevity you need to take your aerial photography to new heights.

GPS Function:

One of the prominent features of the Ruko F11 is its GPS functionality. The drone’s precise GPS positioning system ensures stable flights and precise control even in difficult environments. The “Follow Me” mode worked flawlessly, allowing the drone to easily track my movements and capture incredible shots from unique angles. The Auto Return Home feature provided added peace of mind, ensuring a safe and smooth landing every time.


Ruko F11’s user-friendly design and intuitive controls make it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. I found it incredibly easy to navigate the drone, adjust camera settings, and perform maneuvers with precision. The longer control range added to the overall convenience, allowing me to explore wider areas without losing connection or compromising control.


Extended Flight Time

High-Quality 4K Camera

Precise GPS Positioning

Effortless “Follow Me”

Auto Return Home

User-Friendly Design


Sometimes connectivity problem may occur

Why you should buy Ruko F11 Drone?

The Ruko F11 Drone with Camera for Adults 4K is a standout choice for drone enthusiasts and photographers seeking unparalleled performance and remarkable footage. Its exceptional flight time, 4K camera, GPS functionality, and user-friendly design make it a true winner in its category. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, this drone will elevate your aerial photography to new heights. I highly recommend the Ruko F11 for anyone looking to capture breathtaking shots and unleash their creativity from above.


How fast is the Ruko F11 drone?

The Ruko F11 Pro drone boasts an impressive maximum flight speed of around 43.2kph when in high-speed mode. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that the actual speed during flight may vary due to external factors like wind speed, altitude, and temperature.

Are Ruko drones waterproof?

Drones are not designed to be waterproof, and it is strongly advised not to fly them in rainy conditions.


The Ruko F11 drone is an exceptional drone in every aspect, as it excels in capturing high-quality photos, videos etc. My experience with the Ruko F11 drone has been excellent, as I have already shared with you. Nevertheless, if you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to ask in the comment section. I am here to help and provide any additional information you may need. Happy flying.

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